Warm and sunny, 80s (F), prey is running well.

UPDATE - 7/20/18 A deadline has been set for ShadowClan deputy for Tuesday July 24th! Please get auditions in by 11:59 PM on the 23rd to be considered.

UPDATE - 7/19/18 Thank you to everyone who auditioned for SkyClan deputy! We are pleased to announce Sylbrael's Wolf-frost as SkyClan's deputy. Remember that SkyClan medicine cat auditions are due by 11:59 PM CST on 07/20, and ShadowClan and RiverClan deputies remain open without a deadline. It's the final stretch--get those auditions going, and good luck!

UPDATE - 7/17/18 The deadline for SkyClan medicine cat will be this Saturday. For those interested in the position, please send in your auditions by 11:59 PM CST on 07/20 to be considered. Remember that SkyClan deputy will also close 07/18 at 11:59 PM CST! ShadowClan deputy and RiverClan deputy remain open without a deadline until we receive more auditions.

UPDATE - 7/14/18 A big thank you for everyone who auditioned! We’d like to congratulate Wanderlust with Sablestorm and Mink with Waxfur for ThunderClan deputy and RiverClan medicine cat respectively! At this time SkyClan medicine cat and RiverClan deputy are open for auditions. SkyClan deputy now has a deadline for July 19, please get your auditions sent to staff by July 18 at 11:59 pm cst! Info for applying and what's open can be found here.

UPDATE - 7/9/18 A deadline has been set for both RiverClan medicine cat and ThunderClan deputy for Saturday July 14th. Please get auditions in by 11:59 CST on July 13th to be considered!

UPDATE - 7/8/18 Thank you, thank you to everyone who auditioned for ShadowClan medicine cat! After some late deliberation staff is happy to award Ionic and Ptarmiganflight with the position! At this time ShadowClan deputy is opening for auditions. Check out open high ranks here.

UPDATE - 7/3/18 We will be announcing our choice for ShadowClan medicine cat on 7/8/18 -- this Sunday. Please send in your auditions by 11:59 PM CST on 7/7/18 in order to be considered, or notify staff if you are interested in the position but need more time to finish your application. Also remember that SkyClan deputy, ThunderClan deputy, and RiverClan medicine cat are all open for applications as well.

UPDATE - 6/30/18 Today we announce two high ranks, but first a big thank you to all those who took the time to audition. Staff is happy to announce Pigeon and Otterpool as ThunderClan medicine cat, and Hoot with Sharkstar as RiverClan leader! At this time ThunderClan deputy and RiverClan medicine cat are now open for auditions along with SkyClan deputy and ShadowClan medicine cat. Please see this board for info. For those interested in apply for ThunderClan deputy you might be interested in reading more about Pippin's leading style here.

UPDATE - 6/28/18 It was a battle for the ages with six auditions, but staff is delighted to announce ShadowClan's leader as Louie with Stormstar. A big thank you for all those who took the time to audition! I'd like to aggressively gesture to RiverClan leader for those of you still interested in a leader position. With another rank filled another one opens, and today we are opening ShadowClan medicine cat for auditions. All currently open for audition high ranks and deadlines can be viewed here. Also, for those not revamping their SC leader characters into an RC leader audition or ShadowClan warrior please let staff know if you'd like your bios archived.

UPDATE - 6/26/18 A big thank you to all those who took the time to audition for WindClan medicine cat! After some deliberation staff has is happy to award the position to Trick with Rowanthorn/Antlerheart. Please be sure to read his bio so we aren't getting confused as to why they have two names (Bio)! With one rank taken care of we are now opening SkyClan deputy for auditions! ThunderClan medicine cat and RiverClan leader have been given a deadline for 6/30.

UPDATE - 6/25/18 Last minute reminder that WindClan medicine cat auditions should be in by the end of the night tonight! A reminder also that ShadowClan leader auditions are due by 6/28, preferably sent in the night before.

UPDATE - 6/21/18 A deadline for ShadowClan leader and WindClan medicine cat has been set for 6/26/18. Please send in auditions before then if you're interested in trying out.

UPDATE - 6/17/18 Since it appears those who needed time to get their character situated from our last site have all settled in we are opening Lies in the Low a few days early. Once again welcome to members joining us from previous sites and those completely new. We do have a site chat box, but are much more active on our discord so if you haven’t already please feel free to join us there. Any questions can be directed to our ask staff channel. At this time we will be opening auditions for high ranks, but only four at a time until the ranks are filled. Currently SC leader, RC leader, ThunderClan medicine cat, and WindClan medicine cat are open for audition. You can find more information on how to audition as well as the audition form in our high rank thread

UPDATE - 6/13/18 Welcome to Lies and the Low to members joining us from our last site, and to any new ones we might have gained along the way. Lies in the Low is currently on a soft opening and during this time high rank auditions are not open. They will open once things have settled down and we begin advertising to keep things fair for new members joining us after the soft opening. Please be sure to re-read over all posted information as you will find a few things have changed, and we’ve also added a nifty little perk system you can read about here under the perks tab. Reminder that you can only have two bios posted in the wip section at any given time, and must wait until those are finished and accepted before posting more to help staff keep some level of control during what we expect will be a busy few days. Points and character slots do not move over from the last site with you, but for the first week and for your first four characters you do not need to re-purchase any shop items for your characters. If you plan on re-using a face from one of your characters on DitM you get first dibs (barring it being a face you need someone else’s permission for), but after we begin advertising it’s business as usual and there are no holds. If you have any other questions or concerns please post in the ask-staff channel on our discord here.


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This is where you'll post your character bios, either finished or as WIPs to return to later. You'll also find the bio form inside -- please fill it out completely and post in the notification thread within when you are ready for staff to check your bio. Do not begin roleplaying until your bio is accepted. Staff does clean this board out every so often (usually every week or so), so if your bio has been WIP in here for a while and you don't see it, check the archives! A bio can always be moved back when it's done.
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Here you can find Clan Rosters, Taken Names, Mentors & Apprentices, and the like. Please follow the forms to post on each directory and help us keep our information up to date.
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Place cats up for adoptions, request mates, and handle kitting in the appropriate subboards here.
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ThunderClan’s camp lies within the long abandoned ruins of a forgotten two-leg mansion. The sturdy stone walls remain standing despite the surrounding rain forest’s attempts to return the structure to nature; the windows have long since broken out, the doors rotted away, and the roof caved in over nearly all the structure. Warriors and apprentices tend to change their nests and dens often, but can generally be found holed up beneath rubble piles, tangles of large roots, or in the nooks and crannies of the collapsed kitchen. Elders prefer to hunker down as a collective arguing there is warmth to be had in a group. Their favored den has long since been the empty hollow of one of the many stone fireplaces. It’s near enough to a window to catch sunshine, but sheltered enough to avoid drafts and all the elements mother nature throws at them. Queens and their kittens occupy one of the higher floors in a mostly intact room. The connected balcony is used for sunning on clear days. The leader’s den is also on a higher floor in a tower-like room with a single window that looks out to a broken and overgrown courtyard. Meetings are called from The Lofty Perch (a name that nods towards the fact many of the clan can be caught perching in the windows watching birds and mice like their kitty-pet counterparts in two-leg cities). The medicine cats stay in a small, crumbling room with an archway leading up to its entrance. Because of the walls' natural deterioration, there are holes where rocks used to be where medicine cats can now store herbs. Labyrinth-like with all its walls and sheer size ThunderClan feels confident they would be impossible to catch unaware or cornered in their camp in the event of an invasion as they all learn each twist and turn as well as they know the fur on the back of their own paws.
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A temperate rainforest covers the vast majority of ThunderClan’s territory. The dense trees create a fog drip that keeps the forest moist and ripe with mosses, ferns, and thick shrubs. This impenetrable canopy supports a diverse selection of tree-dwelling animals such as mustelids and birds, though ThunderClan’s main source of prey is ground dwelling rodents. Grizzly and black bears thrive on the region’s rich salmon streams. Spotted owls, bald eagles, mountain lions and wolves are also known to cross into the clan’s territory. ThunderClan cats seem to come in all coats colors, patterns, and lengths. They are often described as muscular cats; solid hunters and fighters capable of silently moving through underbrush.
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ShadowClan’s camp rests in the shadow of a massive boulder. The stone monolith towers above the treetops and has only ever been climbed by cats of legend and kit-tales. No one knows what lies at the top. The camp itself is made from a cluster of flat mossy stones that, long ago, fell from this boulder and haven’t moved since, and thick juniper bushes that have been reinforced to serve as a protective barrier. The largest of these fallen stones is propped up against another and makes a small dirt cave where the leader sleeps. A fallen log and its hollow stump are used by the medicine cats for patients and herb storage. Warriors sleep under the shelf of a stone slab. Apprentices have made their nests beneath one of the juniper bushes. The elder’s den and the nursery are small, side-by-side caves dug beneath the massive bolder and shielded by ferns. The leader addresses the clan from the Leaning Stone.
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A dark, mysterious pine forest serves as the bulk of ShadowClan’s territory. The dense pines prevent sunshine from penetrating and a blanket of needles chokes out most undergrowth, leaving the forest floor bare and pawsteps muffled. ShadowClan has one of the most diverse forests with prey ranging from mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. Due to the limited number of low-hanging branches on coniferous trees ShadowClanners prefer to keep their paws on the forest floor and excel at stalking amongst the shadows. In average they have darkly colored pelts of any fur length. They are described as stealthy cats, particularly adept at ambush forms of hunting and fighting.
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RiverClan often joke to the other Clans that their camp is never in the same place twice, and while it seems far-fetched it’s actually, to an extent, true. The Clan’s camp is situated on an expansive mat of grass that moves through the waters of the everglades when the current or wind is strong enough to propel it. Only semi-solid, the grass mat can be disturbed and broken up — like when alligators try to clamber on — but is otherwise more than enough to support the weight of the Clan cats while acting as an alert system of sorts if a large predator tries to come aboard. Due to its unique location, cats often do have to swim to and from camp unless it happens to be resting against shore or in an area shallow enough for them to walk and hop through the water. Cats make their nests in thick folds and tangles of grasses, reeds, and often whatever branches they can pull to shore. Only nursing queens and the medicine cat are allowed more secure nesting in the hollows of logs or beneath the upturned rowboat that washed ashore some moons ago. Cats must keep close watch over their kittens least they become lost in the surrounding water. Meetings are called from a tall knot of grass called the Grassy Knoll.
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many moons away
Darkpaw  //  Jul 12 2018, 08:28 AM
RiverClan’s territory is water centric with shallow ocean coves, flooded grasslands, and swamps making up the vast majority of their land. A stretch of temperate deciduous forest offers a place for them to keep their paws dry. Prey ranges from rodents and songbirds in the forest to shore birds, water birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish as you head out towards the ocean. The unique setting of the clan’s territory offers predators just as unique; osprey, panthers (mountain lions), black bear, deadly snakes, large fishing birds, and even alligators. Somewhat more docile creatures—raccoons, skunks, manatees, turtles, and deer—and quite common too. Cats of RiverClan are well adapted to their water centric habitat and have developed obvious webbing on their paws and water repellent pelts. Pelts tend to be long and silky, but short-furred cats seem to be on the rise to help cut down on drag while swimming through the clan’s waters and reeds. There doesn’t seem to be a dominant coat color, but calicos are unusually common in females.
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-   SkyClan
SkyClan calls a spacious cave tucked beneath the rocky cliffs of their bluffs—located just a hop, skip, and a jump from the ocean’s shore—home. The floor is primarily lined with smooth ocean pebbles and particularly pretty shells that SkyClan cats have collected through the generations. The cliff walls offer a plethora of nooks, shelves, and crevices for the cats to nest in; because the camp is at risk of flooding during violent storms cats avoid nesting on the ground. Narrow pathways—and a ‘second story’ arch above the camp entrance—make the walls scalable by even the oldest elder and youngest kit. The leader’s den is a cave located to the side of the High Arch, where meetings are called. The medicine cat den is in the hollow of an old cave in with room enough for their herbs and patients. The nursery is in a deep crevice near—but not on—the ground so kits don’t have far to tumble when they inevitably trip and fall. Elders, warriors, and apprentices tend to nest in the open on wide shelf-like cliffs since the camp is protected and sheltered from the elements. Despite being a cave the camp is well-lit thanks to the large cave opening.
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SkyClan’s territory dominates the open coast with a long stretch of beach and rocky bluffs where the clan’s favored prey, nesting sea birds, can be found. SkyClan cats have uniquely strengthened hind limbs that make jumping and scaling the bluffs an easy task, and give them the strength to navigate the ocean’s unpredictable currents (so long as they don’t stray too far out). While ocean fish are hard to catch the clan have become efficient in breaking crabs and other shelled critters open on the territory’s rocks, and for those who fancy something other than bird and seafood pockets of rodents can be found throughout the meadow and forest on the far edge of the territory. Beginning from the ocean SkyClan’s territory slopes upwards until it reaches the gorge that shelter’s their territory from WindClan’s colder climate. They still see snow, but temperatures are kept more moderate thanks to ocean. While the ocean offers unique predators it's the currents that most often kill cats in SkyClan, and the mountain lions, eagles, and grizzly bears that can be found around the gorge. Cats in SkyClan vary greatly in pelt length, but muted colors dominate their fur to help blend them in with the rocky bluffs and ocean shoreline. All SkyClan cats generally have strong, hardy limbs.
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-   WindClan
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Redheart  //  Yesterday at 01:22 pm
WindClan’s camp is speckled along the short slope of a tiny waterfall. With the rise at their backs they are protected from the strong, unrelenting winds of the tundra and the immense snowfall during Leafbare. The water itself is too shallow to trouble a warrior or apprentice, but queens should keep a close eye on the smallest in their litter. The leader’s den is located in an abandoned hawk’s nest nestled under a small overhang on the steepest portion of the rocky cliff, and overlooks the rest of the camp. The medicine cat has a tunneled cave under the roots of a hardy little tree. The nursery is on the opposite side of the stream, accessible from both the outside via a grass hole and from a small tunnel leading from the medicine den, beneath the stream. Warriors and apprentices make their nests along the stones and short grasses, or in the large leafbare dens dug into the hill while elders sleep in a cave below the leader's ledge where fresh moss naturally grows. The leader addresses the clan from the High Stone.
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Above the treetops is an alpine tundra; a harsh land of freezing temperatures and strong, ever-present winds in the winter. The snows melt in lower altitudes during the spring and summer, but temperatures don't rise much above 60 degrees F (15 degrees C). Plant growth is limited to short, hardy perennials that hug the ground and reach deep into the earth through their roots. Below the surface is a well-maintained series of dirt tunnels protected from the harsh climate and ripe with prey for hunters who know how to navigate the pitch black. WindClanners hunt above and below, catching prey ranging from ptarmigan and pipits to pika, rabbits, moles, and gophers. The occasional mountain lion and bobcat, or a roaming fox, could make quick work of a careless cat. While generally docile the herds of caribou and bison that summer in the area present their own set of dangers to cats who may get caught under-hoof. WindClanners have thus adapted to generally be short, lean, and quick-footed, though some developed broad shoulders and strong legs for tunneling.
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Prince of Rubble
hollyface  //  Jun 29 2018, 05:31 AM
Neutral territories, outside Clan borders and belonging to no cat, lie within.
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These territories are sacred, marked by StarClan as places where fighting and bloodshed are forbidden. No one Clan may control these places, as they are meant for all the Clans to use for Gathering purposes and for leaders and medicine cats to confer with StarClan.
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The Nose Knows
Wolf-frost  //  Jul 17 2018, 09:07 PM
These lands mark the borders between Clans or Clans and neutral territories. Border patrols scentmark the lines to make sure no cat has any excuse for trespassing.
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Users can use this board to display art in all forms as well as open user-ran shops for graphics, commissions and the like. Table storage and testing boards are here as well.
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